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Eupheus Learning Identity and access management Portal/Service ensures productive and secure access of Eupheus Learning Digital Resources. Please go through our collection of articles, step-by-step instructions, tips and videos to understand more about our Product and Services. For any query related to our product and services please visit our Support Section


Participate in INDIA’S BIGGEST HANDWRITING COMPETITION ever. And get a chance to meet the real SANTA CLAUSE in FINLAND.


KooBits software tools are intuitive, interactive, media-rich and highly motivating. Co-developed with top educators and experts in child development, KooBits learning contents are age-appropriate, relevant and aligned to the latest education curriculum and syllabus.

Muzzy BBC

Trusted by parents, teachers and librarians for over 30 years. Muzzy BBC is newly imagined and ready to start a new generation on their journey to bilingualism