ABC Tiger


Interactive Library
ABC Tiger - a newly developed reading app for children! ABC Tiger is a comprehensive library of digitized books that you can read and experience interactively. Our library consists of hundreds of books which enhance the learner’s language skills and help manage reading difficulties in a fun and interactive way. The books complement the learning process because they adopt a different, more indirect approach in which the language occurs in a more liberated form, not strictly bound to a certain grammar structure or type of vocabulary. These books help enrich the lexis and the language of the user and stir up the user’s interest by dealing with versatile reading subjects. The level of difficulty of these books varies and they are adapted to suit the needs of learners at different reading levels.

Reading opens the door to knowledge and entertainment. With ABC Tiger, you can read or listen to hundreds of children's books - narrated, illustrated story books, non-fiction titles, knowledge books, and animated books. Children can enjoy famous classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, discover new original characters, or indulge in exciting knowledge books that cover a wide range of school-related topics.

English for Young Learners
As experienced teachers and educators in the field of the English language acquisition, we were aware that every successful program needs to start off by understanding the needs, abilities and interests of today’s young learners. Taking all these parameters into consideration helped us recognize the children’s needs and determine what is necessary for them to learn. Young readers are a sensitive group as they have to be guided through the process of acquiring literacy and at the same time they need to develop a love of learning. We have carefully planned all the activities and materials that support student learning, and have determined how to measure it. When we were planning our activities we had in mind not only our users’ age, skills and interests, but also what they should be able to do both at a certain point in the level and by the end of the level. And that is how the idea of devising a personalized learning path was born.

ABC Tiger is a program especially designed to introduce young learners with the basis of the English language. Our structured course-book syllabus combined with the main elements of game playing makes us a unique language learning app that has introduced new standards in both education and gaming. Our program is equipped with all the necessary tools that will help test and visually represent the achievements of the skills the users practice: reading, writing, listening and speaking, i.e. pronunciation.